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Word from the Management

NoriDane is the fastest growing trading company in Europe with a very solid ownership by the Norwegian farmer cooperation Nortura.

We consider ourselves to be amongst the most reliable and financial strongest companies in Europe (AAA). In Norway we are the biggest importer and distributor of imported meats.

During 2017 our team traded 126.000MT of various meat products in 89 different nations spread across the globe, together with our 800 active business partners.

Our mission is to be the link between importers/distributors and slaughterhouses/deboning plants by providing market information, product-knowledge, transport/shipping and financing.

Our vision is to have the best staff and inspire them to be the best.

Our core values are to provide an exceptional level of service and always be ready for adapting to all kinds of situations.

As your business partner we promise you to act with urgency, have the courage to change course when needed, to work efficiently and together we can create mutual value.

Both our international operations and our Norwegian import has made us succeed in significant growth during the last 9 years.

As exporter of pork, beef, lamb and poultry from our mother company Nortura SA, which has a market share of 71% in Norway, we are able to export high quality products to many countries.

We are focusing on getting out in the market and listen, observe and learn – we are always curious.

Sincerely yours,
Martin Ravn (CEO NoriDane Norway) & Ronnie Melbye (CEO NoriDane Denmark)

The story of NoriDane’s headquarters

Source: Odense City’s Museums Hans Christian Andersen posing in front of Amaliegade 9. ( March 15th 1862)

The famous fairy-tales writer, Hans Christian Andersen is known and loved throughout the world – in  fact he was the most famous Dane in the world.

Hans Christian Andersen was a regular guest at the Collin family, they owned the building that today is our headquarters in Copenhagen.
He considered himself part of the Collin family and for long periods of time he lived with them. When he was traveling, they kept correspondence through letters.

Every Tuesday he ate dinner with the Collin family. His 50th birthday was celebrated here in 1855 together with good friends.

In fact it was in our building that the Golden Age celebrities: H.C.. Andersen, Thorvaldsen, Freund and the greatest actress Mrs. Heiberg were throwing parties.

It is said that H.C. Andersen seriously considered moving into our building. He dropped the idea because “there is no sunshine at all – but a bad smell”.
The smell probably came from NoriDane’s first floor, where cattle was kept. Today there is still a hatch in the floor of the first floor, through which cattle were brought up.
Cattle hooves marks can be seen still on the hatch and flooring.

NoriDane – Your dedicated partner in meat

Amaliegade 9b, 1256 Copenhagen K, Denmark · Email: info@noridane.com · Phone: +45 32 54 03 04 · VAT: DK20721537

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