In Noridane we took a look at ourselves to see where we can improve in an area where others could do the same.

So we decided to do minimize our carbon footprint and think more about the environment, to which we came up with the following bulletpoints where we believe we can make a change:

• Incorporate a ”paperless” environment – Untill then ”think before your print”

• Only use environmentally and certified products in our offices

• We abolish garbage at each desk and introduce a central environmental station in each office to proper dispose of garbage

• Garbage sorting – As a minimum we must sort paper, cardboard, batteries, and electronics

• We encourage all colleagues to leave the car at home and use their bicycle or public transportation to our offices

• We have chosen to go carbon neutral on our website with CO2-free surfing for our users through supporting

• We offer ecological fruit for our colleagues and last but not least we have elected a green leader in each office to be at the forefront